Cookie Passes

Cookie PassesTM

Fully-Baked PassTM (100 punches)

Half-Baked PassTM (50 punches)

Cookie Passes enable you to obtain Wildflour products at a discount. Purchase 100 punches for $180.00 or 50 punches for $90,00. Pay once in advance and when you present your Cookie Pass, we punch out the number of punches equal to your purchase. Each product is assigned a punch value. Our “punch” prices are discounted from our menu prices. For instance, receive one punch (worth $1.80) for a cookie or Mighty Mite hot chocolate- a significant savings over our menu price. A $2.25 Peet’s coffee is only one punch- a 20% savings. A pizza bagel is two punches and a sandwich is five punches- more savings. You receive discounted prices on everything from our legendary baked goods and made-to-order sandwiches served on our homemade whole wheat bread to beverages and Peet’s espresso drinks. Passes can be divided. We have special cards. 

“Cookie Pass” is a bit (bite) of a misnomer, since it is valid for almost all of our products. Best of all, when you purchase a Cookie Pass, no one can take your lunch money- you don’t need any! In sum, Cookie Passes save time, money, and will enhance your Squaw Valley experience.

It’s part of the magic at Wildflour.

The Power of Wildflour

A Baker's Dozen Good Reasons to Buy a Cookie Pass

1.   SAVINGS! We make lots of dough... you SAVE lots of "dough."

2.   SIMPLIFY! No need to carry cash.

3.   REAL! Real food for real people. Back to the basics using quality ingredients.

4.   MIGHT! We put the might into Mighty Mites with our wholesome goods.

5.   PERK UP! We proudly brew Peet's coffee.

6.   CHOCOLATE! The finest cocoa powder- Scharffen Berger.

7.   SPEED! Fast service but NOT fast food.

8.   GENIUS! Learn trivia- Entertain your brain.

9.   LOCAL! Local prices from a local business established in 1983.

10. SKIBOOTPRINT! Reduce your carbon footprint by eating Wildflour food- made from scratch. 

11. SMILES! Share a cookie and make a friend.

12. GOLD! Our food can get you to the top of the podium- just ask Julia Mancuso or Jonny Moseley.

13. E=MC2! Eat More Cookies too!


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